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Brand Advocacy

AD members aren’t seeking to build in-house brands, so when you work with AD members, you have partners who will protect your brand. Word of mouth between our members is a powerful success driver for our supplier partners – you can consider our tight-knit community of members as an extension of your sales team. And through our personal relationships with our member distributors, we work closely to facilitate conversions for your brands.

  • Pierre Legare, Executive Vice President, Leviton Lighting Canada
  • best maryland sports betting appsWhen their name is on the sign they are much more passionate. We know that when our brand is alongside theirs, there's a commitment to ensuring that what is important to us is important to them because we both want to see our brands resonate with our end users, our shared customers.

    Pierre Legare, Executive Vice President, Leviton Lighting Canada Supplier Partner since 2011

Conversion Support

Our close ties with our member distributors and strong networking programs allow us to facilitate conversions for your brands. We offer excellent face-to-face meeting opportunities year-round, where you can network with our independent distributors, foster new maryland sports bettingrelationships, and discover business opportunities. We also share best practices, provide conversion-tracking tools, and create sales incentives to motivate our members to better support your brands.


Distributor Problem Solving

AD brings real value to our member distributors and supplier partners by helping them solve problems that can’t be resolved on the local level. Because AD is highly selective, our professional staff is able to build and maintain close relationships with every AD member and supplier partner. Unlike other groups, every AD member and supplier partner gets personalized support and attention. Plus, the Maryland online casinoaggregate impact we have on our members’ overall profitability gives us an effective platform to help you resolve problems and open minds.