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May 9, 2024

Wayne, PA. - AD is excited to announce the launch of AccelDX, a turnkey solution powered by Roc Commerce, designed to help members get started on their digital journey with an eCommerce platform fueled by the AD Digital Catalog. The AccelDX offering is driven by AD’s eCommerce Solutions program, whose mission is to support AD independent distributor members achieve their digital goals.

AccelDX leverages the AD Digital Content Catalog of 7.5 million SKUs to power the product content, plus the expertise of the AD Digital Success team coupled with the Roc Commerce platform to provide members with a better digital experience. For those AD members just getting started on their digital journey AccelDX is a more accessible opportunity to enter the digital landscape, accelerate their business, and offer an online digital experience for their customers.

AD’s partnership with Roc Commerce enables members to go live faster and Maryland online casinomore effectively through the affordable all-in-one configurable site. The experienced AD Digital Success team simplifies and speeds delivery of the process. We don’t just deliver content; we deliver a digital experience, seamlessly integrated. AccelDX also includes the opportunity to grow into a fully integrated solution.

AD kicked off the pilot with AB Pipe & Supply in September, with the CEO, Enrique J. Collazo, already highlighting its benefits and the impact on their business processes.

“The AD AccelDX solution is very valuable, affordable, useful, and makes it easier for our customers to do business with AB Pipe.” Said Collazo, “Before AccelDX, we had exchanged pictures of products with customers in Latin America through our sales team via email to place an order.” The implementation of the site allowed this member to connect with buyers in a more effective and efficient manner.

“Every AD member should maryland sports bettingbe digital enabled,” shared Caroline Ernst, VP of eCommerce Solutions, “And our commitment to the future of independents means providing the right resources for their success. This offering helps members take their first step into their digital journey and allows AD to support their digital goals while reducing their resource requirements and delivering a modern customer experience.”

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AD eCommerce Solutions offers cost-effective opportunities for supplier partners to reach distributors with eCommerce-ready product data. Through the scale of AD’s community, AD eCommerce Solutions enables members to achieve and exceed their digital objectives through three key pillars.

• AD eContent Services provides access to a wide range of SKU data at affordable prices with the added involvement of members and suppliers to improve product content.

• AD WebStore Services enable a seamless setup Maryland online casinoand integration of an eCommerce platform tailored to members.

• Members have expert guidance catered to their business to ensure they have the right resources from the very beginning.

To learn more about AD eCommerce Solutions and AccelDX, reach out to the AD eCommerce Digital Success team at